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They have revolutionalized the way we play slots, and either love them or hate them video slots are here to stay. We have tracked down all the leading video slots online and will showcase you the multitude of different types available to play online

You may have never seen or played video slots before or you may be a seasoned pro video slot player but either way there are literally hundreds of different variants so take a good look around our site as you may discover something you have never seen before.

Video Slots are themed on a wide variety of things with nothing escaping the imagination of the creators from recreating old school land based slots to recreating popular tv show as slots games such as who wants to be a millionaire.

Video Slots - What's Your Type

Video slots by their very nature do not have any mechanical or electronic reels and this allows for the slot designers to go to town with how they make video slot machines look and play.

The main difference between a standard 3 reel slot and a video slot is that the reel bands/strips can and are made much longer on a video slot and this allows for many more player friendly features to be installed on this kind of slot.

Bonus features are the most common addition to a video slot and these can be anything from free-spins to pick'em type games which are usually triggered once three or more scatter symbols appear anywhere in view.

With the possibility of winning a bonus game always feasible on any spin of a video slot this can add a greater level of enjoyment, and often allows for large wins to appear more often.



Free Video Slots - Play for Fun


Many online casinos allow you to download there software and play free video slots . You don't have to deposit any money there totally free. Some of the video slot games are made available to play in web browsers, we have featured some of the most popular in our free video slots section.


Video Slots - The List Is Endless

Video slots come in all shapes and sizes there are 3 reel versions, 5 reel versions which are the most common type and occasionally you can find 7 reel versions however the latter are extremely rare.

The number of paylines differ greatly from machine to machine you will find 5 liners, 9 liners, 15 liners plus 20 line video slots, 25 line video slots then there are the mega lined slots which can have 30, 40, 50 and even 100 paylines.

The more lines an online slots game has the more you will have to stake per spin if you choose to play max lines so always remember this when you are choosing which slot game to play on.


Some video slots are also offer a jackpot which is constantly growing until won, these are also known as progressive slots. Some of these jackpots can amount to huge sums, others can be won randomly on any spin. Either way they certainly add to the excitement and are considered by many the best online slots. Two well worth trying is Jeopardy Slots and Virgin Slots.

Video Slots - Themed and Licensed

Over recent years a lot of the major online video slot game manufacturers have brought out themed video slot machine games, these are usually licensed by a film company or even a celebrity and the slot depicts this famous person or charactors from a film.

As the software company has made a large investment in branding the online slots you can expect such games to be state of the art and action packed. Have a good look around and discover some of the best online video slots.

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